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Advertising Google ads

Daily efficiency monitoring

Scaling results

Why is advertising Google necessary?

Google Ads offers a number of advantages, making it an important tool for businesses and marketers.

◉ Budget flexibility: you can control your budget by setting advertising spending limits, making Google advertising accessible to companies of various sizes.

◉ Analytics and reporting: Google Ads provides a variety of analytics tools that track campaign performance and analyze user behavior.

 Global reach: Google advertising allows you to reach audiences around the world, providing vast opportunities to scale your business.

Any advertising format

Our team includes video editors, designers, illustrators and creative copywriters. This means that you can order advertising of any format through Google tools.

Search advertising

Smart Campaign

advertising on Youtube

google shopping

Display advertising

advertising on Gmail

stages of work


 Site detailed audit

 Google campaign structure development

 Selection of key queries using a semantic map

 Selection of negative keywords


 Setting up Google Analytics

 Setting up a remarketing funnel

 Development of responsive ads

 Creating selling advertising texts


 Running and optimizing Google campaigns

 Creating a unique banner design

 Maintaining high performance indicators

It's a pleasure to work with us


Upon commencing collaboration, we will enter into a contract where we will outline all our commitments. This ensures that situations where someone cannot fulfill your task do not arise.

Marketing Team

A team of 5 seasoned marketing practitioners, with experience across diverse business niches, will be dedicated to your project. Extensive experience and expertise enable us to devise an effective marketing strategy and implement it.

Continuous Learning

We consistently update our knowledge by attending top conferences, workshops, and webinars to stay abreast of the latest market trends.

Google Ads Expertise

Extensive experience working with the Google Ads platform enables us to efficiently set up various types of advertising campaigns and achieve high results.


Our values focus on systematizing all work processes, taking a responsible approach to completing any task, and delivering results for the client.

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Case diagram

Landing page for an interior design studio

Case goverla

Landing page for a travel agency

Case Mono

Advertising creatives for designer furniture

Case villa nova

Advertising creatives for designer curtains

Case Pro gres

Advertising creatives for a ceramic tile store

Case kimple

Landing page for a marketing agency

Customer Reviews

If you are in search of an advertising agency, I highly recommend KROT. They have become reliable partners for me. KROT is a cohesive and professional team that completes tasks on time and promptly responds to all inquiries.


During our collaboration, the company has proven to be a partner that can be fully trusted. They have the ability to listen and understand the processes of my business, and they also track business metrics, which has become a crucial factor for me.


I have been working with KROT for a long time. I appreciated that they outlined the path of our collaboration and the results we would achieve upfront. I am grateful to the team for their seamless work and the implementation of systematic marketing.


I have been working with the KROT company for over a year now. The team always completes tasks on time and delivers results that exceed expectations. I appreciate that I can reach out to the management at any time and ask any questions; the communication is top-notch.

Rostislav INHOME

I am very satisfied with my collaboration with KROT. There is fast and clear communication, and they provide an individualized approach. They work promptly on all issues, understand the peculiarities of the target audience, and are focused on delivering results. Many thanks to the team for their dedicated work.


There is a strong engagement in working with my business, and I appreciate the team's initiative and the ideas they propose. They fulfill their responsibilities with high quality, and most importantly, within the specified deadlines. I am pleased with the results of our collaboration. Thank you, KROT!


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