Payment Terms from KROT Digital Agency: Convenient Options and Clear Rules
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Terms of payment

Payment options for services:

Payment Visa and MasterCard - WayForPay service.
By registering an account for the enterprise.


Funds paid by the Client for access to services (access to training programs, etc.) shall not be refundable if the Client decides not to use them within the agreed time limits.
In exceptional cases, according to the conclusions of consideration of written application of the Client by e-mail:, the funds can be transferred to access to another or the same service, but in other terms.

Terms of service:

The customer chooses the service from among those represented on this site.
The Client chooses the payment method among those defined on this page.
Access to the service (online training program or other) is subject to 100% payment, in accordance with the tariffs and schedule defined on the site.
Access to services comes to the Client’s contacts indicated at registration.
If you have any questions about purchasing services or support using services - please contact the contacts below.


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